User Interface Design

The growing trend in consumer and embedded systems is to have ever more complex user interfaces and displays adding more and more complexity to the development process – the so called iPhone effect. The user interface design, and resultant user experience, can be key to the success or failure of a new product.

Any embedded system with a graphical user interface consists of four components:

  • The artwork providing the on screen objects
  • The transitions between the screens within the application
  • Converting user interface commands to real world actions
  • Processing real world data and displaying it on screen

SDC Embedded Design through their partnership with Crank Software have focused on tools that are able to separate the user interface design from the application code.

Artwork Design

Medical user interface designIn most applications the user interface design starts with a concept or artwork produced using a tool such as Adobe Photoshop.  SDC Embedded Design have access to graphic designers who are skilled in the production of user interfaces and the objects that will be displayed on the screen.

Our user interface experts can then take that artwork, or the artefacts produced by your own design team, and easily add the transitions between different screens to create a functioning user interface.

Real World Interfacing

Control boardA user interface design is of little use unless it has the ability to interact with the outside world. When the operator or user interacts with the objects on the screen then they need to affect the system configuration or control real world objects such as sensors and relays.

Events taking place in the real world will change the readings on sensors, etc. This information needs to be gathered and processed by the application software and the necessary information displayed, to the user, on the screen.

The engineering team at SDC Embedded Design have worked on user interface design and software for industrial control applications, communications systems and many more. Our engineers have the skills necessary to be able to complement your own design teams and to provide the expertise you lack.

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