Software and Firmware

From projects using the simplest of microcontrollers to those using the most complex embedded or real time operating systems SDC Embedded Design have the knowledge and experience to be able to develop the software and firmware components that your system requires.

Our expertise and knowledge gained from past projects have covered bespoke firmware for 8bit microcontrollers, hardware enablement, boot firmware, device driver development for Linux and Windows Embedded, embedded operating system and RTOS porting and configuration.

Microcontroller Software and Firmware

Microcontrollers for software and firmwareWith the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) the new connected world contains millions of devices using small microprocessors with limited RAM and flash memory resources needing to perform ever more complex tasks.  In many applications this includes supporting a complete network stack for communications with other devices or cloud based services.

From the early days of the Z80 and 8051 engineers working for SDC Embedded Design have been writing bespoke, compact microcontroller software and firmware for these and other devices. More details…

Hardware Enablement and Boot Firmware

Before the operating system starts executing on a hardware platform, a bootloader, or other firmware, is required in order to configure the basic hardware and initialise memory to create an environment in which the operating system can be loaded and run.

SDC Embedded Design have ported pre-existing boot firmware for x86, ARM, MIPS and Power Architecture (PowerPC) platforms and have developed custom boot firmware solutions for applications where existing options are unsuited.

SDC Embedded Design can handle all of the hardware enablement from power up of the hardware to the operating system handing over control to your target application. More details…

Device Driver Development

Where custom hardware has been developed, or additional peripherals integrated to a standard reference hardware design, that hardware needs to be controlled or managed by a hardware device driver in order to give application developers access to that peripheral.

SDC Embedded Design have experience of developing device drives for Linux, Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) and Windows Embedded Standard. More details…

Operating System Configuration

A standard reference board support package is normally available from the silicon vendor but it is tied to the processor and it’s associated hardware reference platform. Whilst this is a good starting point for your custom hardware design, there will always be changes needed to support additional peripheral devices, change of IO and memory address layout, etc.

SDC Embedded Design have experience of porting and configuring Linux, Window Embedded Compact (Windows CE), Windows Embedded Standard along with real time operating systems such as MQX and QNX. More details…

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