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For those customers, such as new start-up companies, SDC Embedded Design can offer a full product design service incorporating software, electronics and enclosure design either in metal or plastic.

3D model of product designThe process starts with one of our experienced project managers sitting down with you to draw up a specification from which a statement of work and project plan can be produced. Our designers will produce some simple concept drawings and on-screen renderings to give you a feel for what the completed design will look like.

Once a concept has been agreed upon the designers will refine the product design using best practice in 3D model form into something that can be manufactured. Our mechanical design team work very closely with the electronics design team to ensure that the size shape of the PCB outline is correct and also that connectors and large physical devices are placed in the ideal position.

When the first stage of the design process is complete each of the parts will be 3D printed to produce a physical mock-up which can be used to test fit, form and function.

The 3D printed parts will be subject to a design review consisting of the project manager, lead designer and customer. Any changes resulting from that design review will be incorporated into the 3D model before the first prototype parts are produced.

As the prototype enclosure parts are received along with the first manufactured PCBs then a first integration process takes place to ensure that everything fits together and that there will be no issues with the final assembly of production units. Any changes that are required to either the enclosure or PCB are made and the final drawings are issued as a manufacturing package ready for production.

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