Electronic Design

Electronic design on whiteboardSDC Embedded Design provides complete electronic design services from helping you to develop your initial concept, through the electronic design phases to the manufacture and testing of first prototypes.

As part of the initial project feasibility process our senior designers will meet with your engineering, marketing and management teams to brainstorm ideas. The result of this session will usually be a list of requirements and an initial block diagram, drawn on a whiteboard, which outlines what components can be used to achieve those needs.

The diagram from the whiteboard will then be captured along with the requirements into a formal statement of work . The agreed statement of work forms the basis of the development moving forward from which the project plan can be drawn and resources allocated.

Electronic Design and Schematic Capture

Schematic diagram for electronic designOur engineering team have contacts with many of the major silicon vendors and distribution companies within the UK. This allows them to stay up to date with the latest products and technologies so that the electronics design projects we undertake are shielded as long as possible from component obsolescence.

With experience of complex processors and chipsets, high speed digital design, analogue electronics and RF circuits our design team can rise to the challenge of any application requirements.

All schematic capture is made using the latest version of Altium Designer and at significant milestones within the development cycle schematics are provided for face-to-face design reviews.

PCB Layout

Bare PCBs from electronic designAs the electronic design and schematic capture progresses their work feeds into the PCB layout team whose work is performed in two stages.

Their initial work takes the proposed outline of the PCB from the mechanical or product design team and the components from the schematics and attempts a trial placement to ensure all components will fit correctly.

When the placement of the components is complete and signed off in a design review with the customer the second phase of routing the tracks on the PCB begins.

As many of the designs undertaken are complex and include high speed memory interfaces, differential signalling and RF antenna tracks the majority of the routing is performed by hand in order to meet the constraints placed on the design by each of these signal types.

Prototype Manufacturing

Once the electronic design and PCB layout is complete, SDC Embedded Design work in partnership with some of the leading electronics sub-contract manufacturing companies in the UK to fabricate and populate the PCB ready for prototype testing.

The design team with then perform board bring up and functional testing to ensure that the manufactured prototypes meet the requirements of the original statement of work. As part of that testing all critical signals, such as USB or DDR memory interfaces, will be measured to ensure that they are within the correct tolerances.

When testing is complete any changes that have been identified will be made to the schematics and PCB layout and a complete manufacturing package will be provided. This package typically includes schematics, Gerber files and a complete bill of materials containing manufacturer part numbers and distributor part numbers.

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